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Landscaping Ideas To Make Your New Home Your Own

Landscaping Ideas To Make Your New Home Your Own

May 9, 2019

Small enhancements like accent pillows or carefully-picked molding help make the inside of a new house feel like home.

The same goes for the outside. It’s the little things—like adding annuals or mulching your garden beds—that make your landscape feel like an extension of you.

Need help adding a personal touch to your new landscape? Keep on reading!

Just moved? Here’s how to start landscaping your new house

Put down the moving box, and step away from that appliance instruction manual. When you have time to step outside for a breather, here are a few things you can do to make your new yard your own.

Easy landscaping ideas to give your yard a facelift

Whether you’re drawn to eye-catching flower beds or want to make a practical addition to your yard, there’s bound to be a landscaping project you’ll love. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Tidy up your lawn, flower and tree beds. You’ll be amazed at the way your yard comes to life when you clear out all the weeds, twigs or leaves.
  • Frame up your front door with flowers, shrubs or hanging baskets.
  • Start a garden, or add your favorite color flowers to an existing one. Or, make your yard look good and do good by planting a pollinator garden.
  • Add contrast to your yard’s delicate greenery with a stone walkway or a retaining wall around your plants.
  • Spread mulch to give tree, shrub and flower beds a neat, manicured look.
  • Plant a new tree for shade, for privacy (more on that below), for all the benefits that trees provide or just for fun!

Ideas for adding privacy to your yard

Part of making your new yard your own might mean turning it into a secluded, outdoor oasis you’ve always dreamed about.

Trees can help with that. Privacy trees, like yews, Leyland Cypress or magnolias, not only physically close in your space, but they can help make your yard quieter, give off fresh scents and add pops of color. Sold? Great! Here are the best privacy trees and shrubs to plant based on where you live. If you’re itching to get the job done quickly and get to relax, these are the best fast-growing privacy trees.

When is the best time to get landscaping done?

Seasons may change depending on where you live as well as your landscape to-do list as a result. Here’s the best time to tackle a few common landscaping tasks.

  • In the fall season, weed and mulch your garden beds, plant new trees and spring-blooming flowers and clean up twigs and leaves.
  • During wintertime, after trees have lost their leaves, trim your trees and shrubs for good shape and healthy growth. Here’s what you should know if you’re a first-time pruner.
  • When springtime rolls around, fertilize your plants early on. If you live in a region with a harsh winter climate, plant annuals once the ground is completely thawed from winter’s freeze.
  • In summer, keep your plants well-watered to protect them from drought.

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