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Here, an arborist waters a new tree so that it can build a strong foundation. Find out how much water your newly-planted tree needs here.

How Much Water Does a Newly-Planted Tree Need?

August 16, 2018

Just like babies, puppies, or kittens, newly-planted trees need more time and attention than their fully-grown counterparts. 

While your mature tree may only need hydrated during dry spells, young trees probably need a drink every single week!

After all, they’re still growing, so they need a ton of H2O to establish a robust root system. 

How Often to Water Newly-Planted Trees and Shrubs

There’s no magic number here! Instead, keep the top 12 inches of soil in and around the root ball moist. Generally, that means 4-10 gallons each week during the first growing season or two. But, that’s quite a big gap, so how can you tell what's best for your tree? 

First, check to see if your tree is thirsty by digging 4-6 inches into the soil. You want the soil to be moist to the touch, not dry or drenched.   

If your soil’s dry, deliver 5 gallons of H2O. Then, periodically check to see if that’s a good fit. If it’s still dry, up that amount. Also, remember rain counts too, so subtract that amount before wetting the soil.

Do newly-planted fruit trees need more water? 

Not really! For the first couple of years, you want to provide enough water to keep the top few inches of your fruit tree’s soil wet. Just follow the above instructions, and your fruit tree should be good to go! 

What’s the best way to keep my young tree hydrated?

Sure, you can set out your sprinkler and soak your tree. But, if you want to feel confident about watering, consider making a hydration system. It’ll track how much liquid your tree's getting and deliver the moisture right to the tree’s roots.

Click here for step-by-step instructions to make a watering system!

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