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What to do with areas of your yard where grass won't grow.

Landscaping Ideas for Where Grass Won't Grow

July 5, 2018

Seeding, sprinkling, watering, fertilizing—you’ve tried everything to remedy that trouble spot in your lawn. But the grass just won’t grow there!

There are a few reasons why grass won’t sprout in a specific area of your lawn but don’t fret! With a little creativity, you can spruce up that bare area.

What to Do with Areas of Yard that Won’t Grow Grass

Why won’t my grass grow?

Grass needs ample sunlight, good soil and adequate water to thrive. Even if you water your lawn regularly, another problem could be holding it back.

  • Grass needs about five or six hours of direct sunlight every day. So, shady spots below your trees or on the side of your home aren’t a good environment for grass growth.
  • Soil in areas with heavy foot traffic can become compacted, which stunts grass growth.
  • Sometimes a deeper soil problem lies below the surface. A lack of essential nutrients, like nitrogen or phosphorus, can limit grass growth. Or, excess deicing salts used on nearby sidewalks might be the problem.
  • If you’d prefer to remedy your grass (rather than give up on it), try to fix these problems.

Landscaping ideas without grass

You might not be able to grow grass in a certain area, but you can make up for it with plants or even a patio.

Instead of just leaving a bare spot in your yard, try one of these landscaping ideas:

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