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Why are my palm tree leaves turning yellow and learn how to treat yellow leaves on a palm tree.

Why Are My Palm Tree Leaves Turning Yellow (And How to Treat)

March 8, 2018

Flourishing palm trees instantly remind us of paradise. So, the last thing we want is for these tropical treasures to become a source of stress.

That’s why Lorraine F. reached out when some of her queen palm trees didn’t look healthy. Lorraine said, “It almost looks like they are dying, but continue [to grow] with stunted leaves and branches.”

If Lorraine’s palm problem sounds familiar, read on to learn why palm leaves turn yellow (specifically queen or majesty palms). Plus, get steps to help treat your ailing palm tree

The Lowdown on Palm Trees with Yellow Leaves

When we hear the word evergreen, we automatically think of those prickly plants, shining green amid a sea of snow. But get this–palm trees are evergreen, too. That means their leaves, or fronds, should keep their green glow all year.

Yellow palm leaves are sometimes—but not always—a cause for concern. Let’s look at how you can tell the difference.

Why are my palm tree leaves turning yellow?

Here’s how to tell the difference between natural and worrisome yellow palm leaves or fronds.

As palms grow, a few old palm fronds turn yellow and fall off. Generally, these are on the bottom of the tree. As long as most of the palm stays green and eventually weeds out the yellow, all is well.

But if the yellow leaves linger, that’s usually a red flag. Sometimes, palm leaves turn yellow if the tree’s soil is lacking essential nutrients, like nitrogen, manganese or magnesium. These all help the tree stay green and grow properly.

Alternatively, a pest or fungus could be causing your palm tree leaves to yellow. Depending on the cause, an infestation can be tricky to fix.

Why do majesty or queen palms get yellow leaves?

Majesty and queen palms are prone to the same stressors mentioned above. Compared to other palms, these trees thrive in moisture-rich soil with plenty of nutrients. So, start there!

How to Treat Yellow Leaves on a Palm Tree

Here’s a step-by-step guide to diagnosing and fixing your palm tree’s yellow tint.

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