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Follow these phases of spring tree care to boost tree nutrients and strength for a healthy growing season.

Spring Tree Care Checklist: Prepare in 3 Phases

March 9, 2016

Envision the moment when snow and ice slowly start to melt away from your landscape. The time sun peaks through after a stint of gloomy skies. Or, the day you can walk outside to soak up the fresh aroma of newly sprouted plants.

We’ll bet you’re ready for spring. We know we are!

Now is the time to make sure your trees are just as prepared. Follow the phases of spring tree care below to boost tree nutrients and strength for a healthy growing season.

Phase I: Before Waving Winter Goodbye

  • Inspect your trees for signs of winter damage or disease while they are still bare.  
  • Prune dead, diseased or unsafe branches before spring growth. Waiting to prune in warmer weather may lead to an unwelcome spread of pests and diseases.

Phase II: A Pre-bloom Prep

  • Remove fallen leaves, branches and waste from your landscape to set the stage for healthy growth.
  • Feed your trees the nutrients they crave after winter. A slow release fertilizer helps trees defend against pests and diseases.

Phase III: During Springtime Sprouts

  • Plant new trees to maximize energy saving and property enhancing benefits. Before planting, make sure to secure an ideal growing spot.  
  • Add 2 to 4 inches of mulch around your trees to improve soil moisture and control weeds.

Don't forget to download the spring checklist for an easy reference to your tree's seasonal needs. 

Looking for more seasonal tips? Contact your local arborist.

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