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Just as we love and cherish our trees, they shower us with love by benefiting us emotionally, economically and environmentally.

For the Love of Trees

February 9, 2016

Tones of red, orange and yellow leaves livening up our yard’s fall scene. Bare branches dusted in snow creating a picturesque winter landscape. Fresh fruit and flower blooms revamping our yards in spring. Overarching, green-as-can-be branches providing us with shade to sit and soak in summer’s breeze.

Every moment of the year, there are countless reasons to love your trees.

Trees shower us with love as well. They benefit us emotionally, economically and environmentally. Plus, our beloved trees experience unforgettable moments with us. In honor of Valentine’s Day, we’re sharing your favorite tree stories to celebrate all the glorious memories and benefits trees give us.  

Scientific Tree Benefit: Being surrounded by trees reduces anger, fear and stress while increasing pleasant feelings, according to Japan's National Land Afforestation Program Organization.

  • Personal Proof: “Trees have been a marker everywhere I've lived, starting with my parents' starter house in New Jersey. As the tree grew, I grew, and I climbed it every day. After I grew up and started my own family, we purchased a home in Georgia. The main draw for me was the mature hardwoods framing the yard. Having a big tree in the front yard made the home seem familiar, and comfortable. Continuing with our family legacy today, my daughters climb into the Bradford Pear tree every day after school!" -Robin H., Georgia

    • Scientific Tree Benefit: Trees benefit human health in their lifetime, according to US Forest Service research. Plus, trees continue to provide environmental benefits even after they’re gone.

  • Personal Proof: “A wise old Oak stood proudly for 355 years. It had seen children play, wars fought, trees cut down and new growth all around its roots. Despite how the Oak loved its long, happy life, it knew one day, its time would end. As its branches broke with age, it knew it was time. One man touched the once majestic trunk and whispered, "You will give life to others; your body will help others grow." The once mighty Oak was cut, sawed, taken apart, so much, you didn't see the oak that it once was. The man who whispered to the oak used it to make compost. The rich, nutrient filled compost gave life to plants and trees and was used in community farming for children and the hungry.” –Bernadette W., Virginia

    • Scientific Tree Benefit: A 10% increase in neighborhood trees can reduce crime by 12%, and people tend to be more familiar and socialize more with neighbors in tree-filled neighborhoods found a Landscape and Urban Planning study.

  • Personal Proof: “I moved into a South Philadelphia neighborhood "in transition.” Our street was sadly lacking trees, and I found out about a free tree program where the city will come and plant one in front of your house. I was ecstatic to receive this little baby tree because I knew it would grow into a beautiful blooming hearty cherry tree. In order to celebrate our lonely tree (only two others at the end of our street) my husband built a protective brick wall around it. The tree has grown significantly in the last year and a half we have had it, and I can imagine it years from now. I love this tree.” -Karen C., Pennsylvania

    • Scientific Tree Benefit: Trees evoke feelings of satisfaction with family life, bringing us closer to family and friends, found University of Illinois research.

  • Personal Proof: “When we moved into our new home, my husband's grandmother decided rather than a housewarming gift that would disappear, she would purchase a bloodgood maple tree. Grandma is no longer with us, but the tree serves as a daily reminder of the wonderful gift she generously gave us. The tree blooms each year, and the purple hue is a great anchor for our home. I have given trees to all of our friends and family that have moved into new homes.” -Jennifer G., Ohio

Do you have a tree love story to tell? Share it with us in the comment section below!

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