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A sleek outdoor space helps your home stand out, increases home value and can cut a property's time on the market.

4 Steps to Improve Landscape and Boost Curb Appeal by Spring

December 15, 2015

Want your landscape to look its finest as soon as spring buds?

The secret is to care for your trees and plants during the dormant season.

Besides looking good, tending your trees and landscape increases curb appeal. Since spring is the most popular time to sell houses, a sleek outdoor space helps your home stand out. After all, your outdoor space is your home’s first impression.

A polished landscape also helps your home sell for more money faster. A manicured landscape can increase your home value by up to 28 percent, found leading landscape economists. Plus, a beautiful yard can cut a property’s time on the market up to 15 percent.

Boost your curb appeal by spring with these four steps.

  1. Prune trees. Pruning trees is like giving them a haircut that makes them look better and be healthier. The best time to prune trees is right now - in winter. Certified arborists can see every nook and cranny of each tree. From there, arborists swiftly remove diseased, damaged or dead branches to reduce safety hazards.

  2. Fertilize trees. Even though trees look like they’re sleeping during winter, their roots still absorb nutrients. Before the ground freezes, fertilize trees, so they will have enough sustenance to survive winter. Come spring, trees have the energy to start growing, blooming and wowing right away.

  3. Give plants their annual checkup. Every plant has specific, individual needs. Find out what they are by scheduling a visit with the tree doctor. The tree doctor spots and solves potential problems before they fester all winter.

  4. Add mulch for a finishing touch. Add a mulch ring around each plant before the ground freezes. Not only does mulch look polished, but it also helps roots stay warm and retain more moisture.

Boost your curb appeal to prepare your yard for its best spring yet.

Schedule a free consultation with your local arborist to see what your lawn and landscape needs today.

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