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Avoid the scare of tree damage this winter! Following your favorite Halloween creatures can give you tips for proper tree care.

Tree Care Advice From Your Favorite Halloween Creatures

October 30, 2015

Aside from all the gore of goons and goblins, one thing that’s truly scary about the Halloween season is trees unprepared to make it through the upcoming winter months.

Thankfully, there’s no reason to fret. Taking tips from your favorite Halloween creatures can ensure your trees are ready to withstand what winter brings.

The Witch’s Potion

A witch’s power lies in her magical potion; with the enchanted liquid, witches have the ability take on any feat that comes their way.

Trees can get this same power with water as their potion, (minus the big stirring pot and complicated spells.) To keep your trees powered through the upcoming winter elements, keep the roots well-watered all the way up until the ground freezes. Water is especially vital for new trees added to your yard during fall planting.

The Jack-o’-Lantern’s Cut

Carving creative and creepy faces into pumpkins for your yard is an age-old Halloween tradition.

Just like these pumpkins, your trees like a seasonal cut, too! Pruning dead, diseased or dangerous branches will help your tree withstand winter conditions and prepare for spring growth. You will also be keeping your home and property safe from weak branches that could easily fall during severe weather.

The Sturdy Spider Web

Spiders are no stranger to Halloween decor as many of us lace our trees and homes with their webs. It is said that the silk that makes up these webs is one of the strongest and most durable creations in nature.

Take it from the creepy crawlers: your trees could also use spider web-like durability with cables and braces. Any extreme winter weather can pose a threat to weak branches and limbs, but cable installation will reduce stress damage from high winds and the weight of ice or snow.

Our professional arborists can answer the question and provide services to help you avoid the scare of tree damage in the winter.

Contact your local office to request a free consultation.

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