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The kids' climb was a hit at the Stumpy's Stampede 5K and 10K Trail Run; in fact, Davey volunteers continued hoisting kids into trees 1.5 hours after the race finished because the children were having such a great time.

Davey Ranch Camp Visit No. 2: Stumpy’s Stampede Trail Run

August 25, 2015

Davey’s Denver-area operations participated in two special events at Elbert, Colorado’s JCC Ranch Camp this summer. Read below to learn more about the Stumpy’s Stampede 5K and 10K Trail Run and kids’ climb Davey sponsored.

JCC Ranch Camp challenges youth entering second to 11th grade to connect and grow in mind, body and spirit with their Jewish heritage and the natural world around them. For more than 60 years, campers have gathered each summer to hike, bike, backpack, ride horses and explore Mother Nature.


This year was no different. However, the camp staff decided to challenge the campers and their parents even further with the first Stumpy’s Stampede 5K and 10K Trail Run, sponsored by Davey.

JCC Ranch Camp administration staff fittingly named Davey the “Big Tree Sponsor” at the event. Davey employees, eager for another day of volunteering at JCC Ranch Camp, set up a 25-foot kids’ climb and “tree expert” table at the start/finish line of the trail run. Davey volunteers included Jeremy Lewis, Andy Friese, Jason Judd, John Bretsch, Vince Distrola and Andy Ferguson.

 Davey volunteers taught the kids proper climbing techniques by first safely securing each participant in a harness and helmet before climbing. They used a single rope technique (SRT) to hoist the kids up the tree until they reached the “finish” bell 25 feet in the air.

“The kids’ climb was a lot of fun; more than 20 kids climbed, some of which climbed multiple times,” Ferguson says. “We went an hour and half after the race was finished because the kids had such a great time.” Staff was thrilled by the turnout, which included more than 80 runners and nearly 75 spectators.

“It was the most fun we ever had working on a Sunday,” Ferguson says.  “We would like to continue the relationship and keep doing educational classes and the kids’ climb event in the future.”


After the event, JCC Ranch Camp published the following post on their Facebook page: “Thank you, Davey, for the best day ever and for your sponsorship of the Stumpy's Stampede. You guys have the nicest, most passionate and experienced staff, and you made so many kids (and adults!) smile, laugh and explore with your tree climbing at our trail run.”                

Ferguson says it was a great event to give back to the community. Davey will happily continue their business relationship with JCC Ranch Camp and proceed to support and sponsor camp events in the future.

Check out the photo gallery below for more images from Stumpy's Stampede 5K and 10K Trail Run!

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