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We can help answer your tree-related questions on Davey social media channels - we just need a few additional details from you first!

5 Smart Tips to Receive Smart Tree Care Advice

June 9, 2015

Davey’s Social Media Team and Client Experience Team monitor our social media channels for follower engagement in several capacities—including the insightful tree and landscape care questions you ask us! When you need a tree- or landscape-related question answered, follow the advice below to receive the most thorough and helpful response.

Summers Here

Welcome to June; the first official day of summer will be here before we know it! Perhaps you’ve been spending an increased amount of time outdoors, observing your landscape and monitoring your trees.

As you familiarize yourself with the greenspaces surrounding your home, as well as within your neighborhood and community, several questions may arise regarding the plant material occupying those areas.

When you do have questions about trees—and choose to reach out to Davey for advice—our Social Media and Client Experience teams may be able to help you! We just need some specific details to help us determine the most helpful response.

Before you submit your tree-related question, be sure you include the following:

  1. The region or general location (city, state) of the plant material
  2. The species of plant material in question, if known
  3. Recent climate, environment and weather conditions (drought, flood, etc.)
  4. A photo of the specimen in question, if possible
  5. A close-up photo of the leaf or flower in question, if possible

Davey’s Social Media Team monitors our online followers’ questions on Facebook (via direct messages wall posts, comments and reviews), Twitter (via replies, mentions and direct messages) and Instagram. You may reach our Client Experience Team at info@davey.com with specific questions as well.

Looking for more tree or landscape care advice? Contact your local arborist for a free consultation.

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