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In the presence of trees, hospital patients may heal faster. What is your favorite tree benefit?

The Endless Ways Planting a Tree Can Benefit You

March 30, 2015

Trees provide beauty, shade and energy savings in every setting, from homes and neighborhoods to hospitals and businesses. No matter the location trees make life better.

Here’s why planting, transplanting and replacing damaged and diseased trees is worth your time, money and effort.

Tree Benefit Breakdown


Trees have the power to brighten up any green space in your landscape. Take a minute to take a walk through your property. What do you see? Are there unkempt or neglected areas that need attention and care? If you answered yes, here is a list of reasons why you should consider planting a tree:                         


  1. Increase property values up to 20 percent
  2. Instantly beautify bare, stark and diminished spaces
  3. Decrease energy costs up to 12 percent
  4. Absorb carbon dioxide and other pollutants
  5. Clean drinking water
  6. Reduce crime rates


Trees are an important component of the shopping experience—they stimulate economic spending for commercial retailers. Studies show that shoppers are influenced by trees and the beauty they provide when deciding where to shop.

Trees influence shoppers’…

  1. Willingness to travel farther and more frequently
  2. Amount of time spent shopping
  3. An inclination to pay more for goods, services, and parking


Countless studies show that tree-rich landscapes help improve patient outcomes, boost patients’ immune systems and overall healing. Trees create a calming, soothing atmosphere, perfect for any hospital or recovery clinic.

Trees help patients…

  1. Minimize discomfort
  2. Diminish tension, anger, and anxiety
  3. Provide a drop in stress levels
  4. Lower blood pressure and muscle tension
  5. Reduce the need for pain medications

No matter whether you are a homeowner or property manager—trees do good for our neighborhoods, communities and the world in many ways. Plant a tree and start reaping the benefits today!

Interested to discover more tree benefits for each and every green space? Contact us today.

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