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Looking for more birds and other wildlife in your backyard this spring? Give them more reasons to stop by and create this simple recycled bird feeder!

"Ring in Spring" Tree Craft Idea No. 3: Recycled Bird Feeder

March 18, 2015

Let the final countdown until spring begin! Below you’ll find a fun, kid-friendly spring craft the birds in your backyard will appreciate, too. Branch out of your winter funk and start crafting spring tree projects today!  

“Ring in Spring” Craft Idea No. 3: Recycled Bird Feeder

The winter months have been harsh in many regions and have even affected plants and animals. Now that spring has nearly arrived, it’s time to feed the wildlife around your home with a simple and fun craft to give back to Mother Nature’s feathered creatures.

Hang your recycled bird feeder in your garden or landscape, and the birds will be chirping “thank you” in no time. 



Toilet paper tubes

Peanut butter

Bird seed



Butter knife



Spread a thin layer of peanut butter around the outside of the toilet paper tube.

Pour bird seed onto a plate and roll the peanut butter-covered tube into the seeds, making sure the seeds stick.

Once the peanut butter tube is completely covered with seed, thread one yard of ribbon through the opening of the tube and tie a bow on the top.

Hang your recycled bird feeder on a tree limb in your landscape and watch the birds feast.

Recycled bird feeder craft idea credit:http: http://factorydirectcraft.com/

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