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Who's ready for the spring tree blossoms to arrive?

"Ring in Spring" Tree Craft Idea No. 2: Paper Bag Spring Tree

March 13, 2015

Spring is only one week away! To celebrate, we're sharing some fun, kid-friendly spring tree craft ideas. Branch out of your winter funk and start crafting tree projects today!

This spring tree craft is perfect for the entire family—spend one of those rainy spring days you’re stuck indoors crafting paper bag trees with your kids. This paper bag spring tree is perfect to stand on any table or desk, adding a fresh, fun accent to any room.



Brown paper lunch bag



Paper/tissue paper in spring colors)


Cut centimeter strips into the paper bag, leaving about an inch or two of paper bag before the crease uncut.

Open up the bag and stand it up.

Twist the uncut part of the bag, starting at the bottom to create the trunk of the tree.

Twist each individual cut strip into tree branches.

Once the tree is standing with its trunk and branches twisted, glue on pieces of tissue paper onto the branches to create leaves.

Paper bag spring tree craft idea credit: http://pikadillycharm.blogspot.com/

Still feeling creative? Check out our Pinterest page for even more craft projects that use the natural gifts or inspiration from your trees!

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