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Just what does it take to determine the health conditions of a tree? Here, Davey Resource Group's Dan Marina helps perform a tree inventory for Toronto Parks.

Davey Resource Group Determines Winter Storm Resolutions in Toronto

February 17, 2015

Ice storm damage continues to threaten the health of Toronto-area trees more than one year after cleanup concluded.

Davey Resource Group from the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) had to help decide which tree service requests to first address in the aftermath of the previous December’s treacherous ice storm.

Although storm cleanup ended in June 2014, hundreds of thousands of trees continue to suffer ice storm damage. Risks such as hanging limbs and broken branches still exist within the canopies of trees standing in the GTA.

The Davey Tree Expert Company of Canada, Ltd., has established a solid working relationship with the City of Toronto over several decades. "We have always been able to come through with the city's demands, no matter how many crews they needed to complete their tree care needs," says James Doyle, executive vice president and general manager of the Davey Tree Expert Company of Canada, Ltd.

Davey Resource Group was able to provide the same response the City of Toronto is familiar with in terms of Davey's capabilities. Its team worked quickly and efficiently to determine tree damage and come up with efficient solutions:

  1. Think Fast. 
    • The Davey Resource Group planned the inventory in less than one month. At full staffing, 45 employees from the U.S. and Canada were working together to assess damage to Toronto’s trees. The team estimated 20 percent of the city’s tree canopy—approximately 10 million trees, according to a 2013 study called “Every Tree Counts”—was damaged. But safe, efficient cleanup was crucial to Davey’s utility operations.Emily Spillett, Davey Resource Group project manager, completed the tree inventory, along with her team, in only five months. “Davey has a team of experts that can mobilize quickly,” Spillett says.

  2. Tree Tests. 
    • Davey Resource Group completed the inventory of 603,492 street tree sites and 45,818 park sites affected by the late 2013 ice storm. The main objective of the project was to prioritize and inventory trees for storm risks but also assess their overall condition. “It was essential to prioritize tree care needs, particularly in the hardest hit areas,” Spillett says. Davey Resource Group conducted a slightly more comprehensive inventory than a normal storm assessment. The inventory determined the location of each tree, its diameter, species, condition, and identified the three most prevalent defects. Arborists then prioritized follow-up care for each and every tree.  

  3. True Teamwork.
    • Davey Resource Group employees came from all over the U.S. and Canada to Toronto to help with the inventory. Those involved had the opportunity to meet new faces and learn more about Davey’s span of services. “This project was a huge collaboration among multiple departments and divisions of Davey and everything came together,” Spillett says. “It was an experience that the team will never forget.”

Worried about your trees after harsh winter weather? Contact your local arborist for a free consultation.

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