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How do you plan to recycle your real Christmas tree this year? You've got options!

3 Steps to Recycle Your Christmas Tree

December 22, 2014

It seems like just yesterday when you ventured to the local Christmas tree farm to choose the perfect tree for your home. So, less than one month later, it's hard to believe it's time to start thinking about your tree's departure from your living room.

Perhaps, by now, gift boxes and bags embrace the base of your illuminated Christmas tree. Bright, beautiful ornaments reflect light from every crevice within its branches. But, once the Christmas morning excitement subsides and holiday festivities settle down this weekend, you may want to begin preparing your tree for its final resting place.

So, you want to recycle your real Chrismas treeGood for you! Here are 3 steps you should follow before recycling--or "tree-cycling"--your Christmas tree:

1. Know your local options. Call your local municipality or recycling center about tree-cycling.

2. Go naturalRemove all non-organic decor from the branches of your tree. This includes lights, ornaments, tinsel, tree stand, etc.

3. Part ways. Clear a path from your tree to the door, and carefully remove the tree from your home. Choose one of the following options to recycle your Christmas tree:

a. Drop the tree along the curb for a scheduled pickup by a local, non-profit tree recycling organization, if one exists in your area.

b. Transport your Christmas tree to a local recycling center.

c. Rest your tree along the edge of your landscape or within another local, natural area to share the tree's provisions of food, shelter and habitat with wildlife, such as birds and fish.

Although your Christmas tree merely spent one month within the comfort of your home, recycling your tree helps the environment and wildlife reap its benefits for many more months to come. Begin the New Year with eco-friendly practices in mind!

Several Davey crews have been involved with their local tree-cycling programs for many years. Tell us why you choose to recycle your Christmas tree in the comments below.

We wish you a Merry Christmas!

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