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A glimpse of a severely degraded stream before Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc., began its stream restoration at Arlington National Cemetery.

How a Stream Restoration Helped Preserve Arlington National Cemetery

November 17, 2014

Arlington National Cemetery (ANC) honors U.S. military personnel and serves as the final resting place for service members and their spouses. Its impressive landscape boasts 624 acres of grassland, a remarkable tree canopy and bountiful shrubs and plants. Recently, Wetland Studies and Solutions, Inc. (WSSI), a Davey company, has had the opportunity to work on these extraordinary grounds.

WSSI became involved with the Arlington National Cemetery Millennium Project in 2012, which is designed to extend the longevity of ANC by providing an additional 27 acres of burial space for U.S. veterans.

The stream running through the center of the Millennium Project at Arlington National Cemetery after the stream restoration project.

As part of the Millennium Project, WSSI was primarily tasked with the preparation of a stream restoration design for approximately 1,900 linear feet of severely degraded stream that flows through the center of the project area. The goal of the stream restoration project was to abate stream bank erosion, reconnect the stream to its original floodplain and restore the balance of flow and sediment in the stream. Once the stream restoration is complete, the stream will have improved water quality, offer upgraded in-stream habitat and serve as a prominent natural landscape feature.

WSSI also completed the following additional services to support the overall Millennium Project, including:

Stream restoration construction services

Stormwater management retrofit designs

Clean water act permitting (for the stream restoration and overall Millennium Project)

Physical stream assessments

Vegetation surveys

Habitat assessments

Tree identification surveys

Endangered and threatened species investigations

Cultural resource investigations

Creation of exhibits for public meetings

ANC, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality and the National Park Service all had to approve the project. The stream restoration will be completed within the month, and the entire Millennium Project is slated for completion in late 2015.

“Working on the Millennium Project was a privilege because you’re working on something that honors people who’ve served this country, and it’s something that people are going to see for years and years to come,” says Scott Petrey, WSSI’s design engineer for the Millennium Project.

Contact WSSI for more information on the Millennium Project, stream restorations or natural resource consulting. 

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