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Listen up! Natural sounds can benefit our minds and overall quality of life. And we have trees to thank!

Did You Know? Tree Benefits Improve Your Mental Health.

November 4, 2014

Trees remove air pollution, produce oxygen, filter water and reduce energy bills. Our trees are loaded with benefits that improve our quality of life, including their ability to benefit our mental health. Now, thanks to one Davey employee, we now know more about how trees can impact our mental health.

Davey’s R.J. Laverne, board certified master arborist and Davey’s manager of education and training, has been investigating how natural sounds can affect our state of mind and quality of life. To conduct the research, Laverne headed to neighborhoods where trees and canopies are diminishing to measure how the loss of trees can take a toll on urban soundscapes and our ability to concentrate.

Since 2012, Laverne has recorded sounds at areas where Davey has identified ash trees that are dying due to emerald ash borer (EAB). After the ash trees died or were removed, Laverne returned back to these areas to take a second sound sample to compare the difference in urban soundscapes with and without trees.

“I expect my research to show that as traffic and other mechanical noises increase, natural sounds from birds and insects decrease,” Laverne says.

So, what can cities do to create more natural sounds and less mechanical noise? According to Laverne:

  • Plant more trees and care for already existing ones.
  • Add a stand of trees next to a highway.
  • Increase the number of large trees to create more habitats for wildlife.

Would you like to reap more benefits from your trees? Contact us for a free consultation to learn how you can get the most from your trees!

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