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Davey appreciates clients who value and love their trees.

Thankful for Special Davey Clients

November 21, 2013

In the spirit of the Thanksgiving holiday next week, Davey highlights one employee's appreciation for a special, long-term Davey client.

A stack of old Davey proposals and invoices, topped with a photo of her most special tree from decades ago, captures the genuine trust a long-term client has instilled in Davey's San Francisco office over many years.

"I wish I was so organized, with the same splash of nostalgia and whimsy," explains Sales Arborist Nick Crawford, the client's primary Davey contact, in regards to her collection of Davey momentos.

Although annual pruning is the only service Davey performs on her tree--a service Davey has maintained for more than 40 years--the mere existence of the tree is so significant to both the client and her neighbors that the work is well worth the effort.

"She remembers when the city planted these black acacias throughout the neighborhood in the 1930s," Crawford says. Over time, residents decided to remove their trees, but Davey's client decided to keep hers for sentimental reasons.

San Francisco tree care
Nick Crawford holds up an August 1971 photograph of the same tree standing before him to illustrate the tree care Davey's San Francisco R/C crew has provided a tree owner and long-term client for more than 40 years.

"She's proud that her tree is still alive and well," Crawford explains. Because every single one of the client's neighbors has since removed and paved over their tree basins, she loves possessing a tree where pedestrians can rest in the shade on their way up the incline of her street.

In fact, practicality seems to represent a decent portion of the client's reasoning behind keeping her tree standing. "She mentioned how nice it is to be able to see if it's windy by looking at the tree from her window--and that's an amenity her neighbors appreciate, too," Crawford says.

"We've always taken care of her tree," Crawford says, adding he acknowledges the client's appreciation for people and trees. "She's a real sweetheart."

Next week, you can read about the wall of photos Nick Crawford helped create in Davey's San Francisco office to highlight special experiences throughout the first year of his Davey career.

We thank YOU! As Thanksgiving approaches, we'd like to thank you, our valued clients, for allowing Davey the opportunity to serve your current needs and to offer future solutions. May you enjoy a safe, relaxing holiday next weekend.

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