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Tree Care Resolutions

January 15, 2013

If trees could make New Year's resolutions, what would they aim to achieve this year?

Would they increase leaf production? Expand their canopies to provide more shade in the heat of summer? Or improve the appearance of their colors in the fall?

Unlike humans, trees need a bit of your assistance to display their features and deliver their benefits to the highest potential. Without proper and preventive tree care, environmental factors may prevent your trees from maintaining healthy structures for months and years to come - which aligns with the goals they'd be most likely to set upon the first of the year.

In light of 2012's extreme weather conditions, from an early spring and severe summer storms to the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, you might want to prepare yourself for a full year of plant health care and maintenance improvements.

Although proper tree care requires a year-long, continuous process, you can start by simply inspecting your trees for decay and failing or dead branches. Take the time to walk through your property and become more familiar with your trees and the objects beside them - the garage, a few shrubs, a fence, etc. Unusual weather conditions can transform an innocent object into a threat against the plants in your landscape.

Inspect your pruning shears and other tree care equipment before the growing season begins. If necessary, invest in new sets of tools or find a reliable repair shop so you're prepared to execute effective tree maintenance tasks.

Devote one or two weekends to landscape maintenance this spring - and be sure to pencil-in backup dates in the case weather conditions suddenly take a turn for the worse. The sooner you make a commitment to promoting the health of your trees, the more motivated you'll be to get started on proper tree care.

Step-by-step, your trees will begin to recover from winter's woes with help from your aspiring green thumbs. And, they'll thank you by providing countless benefits in return.

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