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  • What’s Wrong with My Maple Tree and Its Leaves?

    Tom saw his maple tree was stressed. "The leaves are small, and some of the maple tree branches are dying. Any recommendations, or is it too late?”

    Sounds like signs of maple dieback. Let's talk more.


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  • Sap On Tap

    The weather is warming up, greeting us with temperatures above freezing for more than just a few consecutive days each week. The birds' cheery, singsong chirping alerts me as I encounter the fresh air outside the door. Sometimes I'm lucky enough to catch a glimpse of green on lawns and trees.

    It's official: The first day of spring has arrived.

    As winter continues to gradually melt away, snow and ice drip from the canopies of the trees, collecting muddy puddles on the ground below. Tiny, green leaf buds force life into dormant limbs and branches, presenting the beginning of a vibrant, spring color palette you've been anticipating since fall's last leaf fell to the ground.

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