Davey Tree in Your Community – 5,750 Trees Planted on Arbor Day

Davey Tree in Your Community – 5,750 Trees Planted on Arbor Day

Arbor Day is our absolute favorite holiday of the year at Davey Tree. Though, you may have been able to guess that!

Every Arbor Day, we get to share our love of trees at events all over the country.

This year, we helped plant over 5,750 trees. That’s just about 4 trees each minute.

Scroll on to see what local Arbor Day events Davey Tree took part in this year.

#Pics4Trees = 1,000 Trees Planted  

Thank you for sharing your tree pictures with us! From Earth Day to Arbor Day this year, we vowed to plant a tree for each photo with the #pics4trees we saw on social.

We received more than 100 photo submissions. The #pics4trees campaign reached about 20,000 on Facebook and the hashtag received more than 800,000 impressions on Twitter.

Rather than donate $1 per photo, we decided to make a $1,000 donation to the Arbor Day Foundation. That’s 1,000 trees. Thanks for your help!

Stamford, Connecticut 

Stamford’s The Care of Trees, a Davey company, helped prune the trees in Columbus Park, Stamford, Connecticut to celebrate Arbor Day. A giant, historic oak tree also was fertilized.

The Care of Trees worked with The Stamford Tree Foundation the city, another tree care company and Eastern Land Management.

Wilmington, Delaware

Davey’s Wilmington, Delaware tree care office celebrated the Earth’s trees all week long at multiple volunteer events.

Day 1: Tree Climbing Demo

Partnering with the city of Wilmington, Davey arborists demonstrated tree climbing techniques for more than 100 Bancroft Elementary School students at Bancroft Park in Wilmington.

Day 2: Four Stations of Tree Fun

At Rockwood Park in Wilmington, about 200 students from Mount Pleasant Elementary School participated in several educational workshops, ranging from how to plant a tree to how to safely climb a tree.

This event was a collaboration between the Delaware Center for Horticulture, New Castle County and the Delaware Forest Service.

Day 3: Annual Arbor & Earth Day Event

Davey staged a bucket truck at Rodney Square to display Wilmington’s Tree City USA flag. Davey also demoed tree climbing, staffed a booth to talk tree care and donated a tree to the Partnership for the Delaware Estuary tree raffle.

Day 4: Celebrating a Champion

Davey attended an Arbor Day event at Ridley Park, where their 1995 Pennsylvania champion Red Hickory tree was rededicated. Davey helped perform restoration work on the champion tree and was honored with a plaque for their preservation work.

Naples, Florida

For the fourth year, Davey’s Naples, Florida tree care office along with A.D. Ali of the Davey Institute got visitors excited about trees at the Naples Zoo Arbor Day event.

The zoo has broken attendance records lately, so the office was able to share their love of trees with many visitors. Davey demoed tree climbing and shared info on native tree species and how to identify and care for trees.

Coal City, Illinois = 88 Trees Planted

Davey Resource Group, along with ComEd, Spring Grove Nursery and iTrees.com, planted 88 trees in Coal City in celebration of Arbor Day. Many of the trees were from CommuniTrees.

The group worked together to begin to replace more than 50,000 trees lost during the June 2015 tornado. They carefully selected a variety of trees to grow a diverse urban tree canopy.

Naperville, Illinois = 377 Trees Planted

Naperville’s The Care of Trees, a Davey company, celebrated Arbor Day with 375 3rd and 4th graders at Wayne Builta Elementary School, Gombert Elementary School and Spring Brook Elementary School. The Care of Trees was joined by a fellow tree company and the TREE Fund.

Together, the group taught students how trees grow, how to plant the right tree in the right place and what it’s like to be an arborist. The students also helped plant, water and mulch two trees. Each student took home an Arbor Day goodie bag with a seedling and tree-related prizes.

Akron, Ohio = 1,770 Trees Planted

Ken Christensen, senior biologist for Davey Resource Group in Kent, Ohio, joined eight selected students from Coventry Middle School in Akron, Ohio, to plant trees.

Students planted 25 trees the first day Christensen visited and continued to plant 600 more trees throughout the week for a week-long stream restoration project.

The planting didn’t stop there. On Earth Day, Davey brought in 750 live stakes, 360 bare root trees and 35 container trees to be planted around the local stream surrounding Coventry Middle School to restore growth and create new wildlife habitats.

Alliance, Ohio = 28 Trees Planted

Each Arbor Day, Davey participates in the Great Ohio Planting Day. This year, Keep Ohio Beautiful (KOB), a state affiliate of Keep America Beautiful, chose the city of Alliance for its “Gateway Greening and Tree Planting Project.”

Karen Wise of Davey Resource Group and Herb Landmann, operations manager teamed up with Davey crew members to plant 28 trees and shrubs. Thanks to their efforts, they transformed a plain Alliance thoroughfare into a tree-filled city welcome area.

Wise and Landmann also taught approximately 25 community members about the best way to mulch, water and plant trees.

Cincinnati, Ohio = 1 Tree Planted

Employees of Davey’s North Cincinnati office helped Greenhills, Ohio celebrate Arbor Day.

Greenhills city officials, Davey team members and local preschool students met downtown at a local shopping center to plant a memorial tree, a Littleleaf Linden.

The mayor, David Moore, opened the event, Davey then shared fun facts about trees and finally, the preschoolers helped plant the tree.

Columbus, Ohio = 1 Tree Planted

This year, Davey participated in the first ever Earth Day event at the Ohio Statehouse this year.

Karen Wise of Davey Resource Group and Ken Christensen, senior biologist, joined forces with three other partners, The Capitol Square Review and Advisory Board (CSRAB), Ohio Environmental Protection Agency (OEPA), and Keep Ohio Beautiful (KOB).

Together, the group worked to plant a native American Beech tree—adding a new species to the Statehouse Grounds.

Kirtland, Ohio = 250 Trees Planted

Davey sponsored the Arbor Day event held at the Holden Arboretum in Kirtland, Ohio.

At the event, free tree consultations were offered by Davey and several other tree service professionals. Additionally, there were tree lectures, guided tree climbing for kids, crafts and activities and free tree seedlings.

While there, Davey donated $1 to the Arbor Day Foundation for each person who signed Davey’s Nature’s Sunscreen pledge. With over 250 names gathered, Davey donated $250, which is 250 trees.

Weston, Massachusetts

Each Arbor Day, Hartney Greymont, a Davey company, has their Concord and Needham crews come together to complete a total tree transformation for a new, community spot. This year’s pick was a famous alley of sugar maple trees that runs along Wellesley Street in Weston, Massachusetts.

The crew completed pruning, cabling, mulching, fertilizing and several invasive tree removals. Community members also visited the site to ask tree care questions and participate in a pruning demonstration.

Detroit, Michigan = 40 Trees Planted

On Arbor Day, more than 30 ninth and tenth graders from Allen Academy in Detroit and Airport High School in Carleton, Michigan, joined Davey volunteers and airport staff. Together, the group planted 20 smaller trees on the Crosswinds Marsh Wetlands Interpretive Preserve grounds. Members of Davey’s Detroit office helped plant 10 trees to prep for the event and boost the tree canopy as well.

Students participated in four educational stations at the event to learn about trees, wildlife, water conservation and the local parks.

Rochester, Minnesota = 2,200 Trees Planted

Maier Tree & Lawn, a Davey company, joined Rochester Public Utilities and Rochester Park & Recreation for their 14th Annual Arbor Day Celebration at Silver Lake ParkAbout 3,000 students, teachers and community members attended for a day of tree fun. 

Maier Tree sponsored three major parts of the event, including the Elementary Arbor Day Poster Contest and a tree climbing venture for the six poster contest winners. Maier also contributed 2,200 tree saplings to students and community members who attended.

St Louis, Missouri = 1 Tree Planted

With the help of Davey’s West St. Louis tree care office, more than 60 fourth graders from The Village of Twin Oaks, Missouri, helped plant one swamp oak tree in their city park. Davey also shared the proper techniques for tree planting.

The Village of Twin Oaks has been recognized on the Tree City USA list for the last 10 years. Davey partnered with the Missouri Conservation Department and a local grocery store to provide the children lunch and a tree lesson they will never forget.

New York 
Buffalo, New York  

Davey Tree’s Buffalo tree care office teamed up with more than 50 tree care companies to support Buffalo Olmsted Parks. Together, the teams joined the forestry team at Cazenovia Park to prune and fertilize trees while removing any hazardous trees near playgrounds.

Long Island, New York  = 1 Tree Planted

On Arbor Day, Davey’s Long Island crew and the non-profit organization, the North Shore Land Alliance (NSLA), came together. Both groups share the same mission: to protect and preserve the green spaces, farmlands, wetlands, groundwater and historical sites of Long Island.

Together, Davey and the NSLA planted a 15-foot red maple tree to celebrate Arbor Day.

Troy, New York = 3 Trees Planted  

Davey’s tree care office in Albany, New York helped Troy, New York celebrate Arbor Day. Davey donated and planted three trees on 1st Street in downtown Troy.   

Over 2016 and 2017, Troy announced more than 100 trees will be planted in the city.  

Montgomery County, PA

Davey’s King of Prussia office participated in the PennDel Chapter of ISA Arbor Day of Service event held at Green Lane Park, Montgomery County, PA.

Davey’s crew worked together with 16 other companies to provide tree care at Green Lane Park. Specifically, Davey removed a hazardous hickory tree that was close to a new pavilion and another dying tree. They also pruned a myriad of additional trees.

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