4 Reasons Why You Should Thank Your Trees This Thanksgiving

4 Reasons Why You Should Thank Your Trees This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is only two days away. 

While prepping the Thanksgiving feast, it’s easy to concrete on your holiday to-do list.

Let’s take a minute to step back and focus on all we’re thankful for.

We’re sure your friends, family and cozy home will make the list. But, don’t forget to thank your trees- those gentle, green and giving giants.

Trees help us de-stress, provide us with year-round beauty and transform houses into homes. 

Below are four reasons you’ll want to thank your trees this Thanksgiving. 

1. Trees reduce stress and improve well-being.

As much as everyone loves the holidays, they can be stressful at times! Luckily, trees are there for support.

Being surrounded by trees reduces anger, fear and stress while increasing pleasant feelings. Plus, trees reduce blood pressure, heart rate and muscle tension, according to Japan's National Land Afforestation Program Organization.

2. Trees lower your energy bills and boost property value. 

When planted in the right place, trees reduce air conditioning needs by 30% and save you 20 to 50% on heating costs, found the USDA Forest Service.

While reducing energy bills, trees increase your home value. Management Information Services/ICM tells us that landscaping that includes mature trees can increase curb appeal by 20%.. Trees along neighborhood streets even increase house sale prices by an average of $8,870, according to the Pacific Northwest Research Station.

3. Trees keep you healthy. 

By removing pollution from the air, trees save 850 human lives and prevent 670,000 cases of acute respiratory symptoms each year, according to the US Forest Service.  

When sick, trees help hospital patients recover faster while requiring less pain medication, found a 1984 study.

Because of these health benefits, trees annually save $6.8 billion in US health costs, according to the same US Forest Service study

4. Trees bring you, your family and your community together. 

Researchers at the University of Illinois found that families who live in areas surrounded by trees have fewer feelings of aggression toward family members and tend to feel more satisfied.

Trees not only help brighten your home. They benefit the entire community.

A 10% increase in neighborhood trees can reduce crime by 12%, found a Landscape and Urban Planning study. Landscape Architecture reports that people also tend to be more familiar and socialize more with neighbors in tree-filled neighborhoods.

The tree benefits don’t stop here! In honor of Thanksgiving, we’re giving you 10 more reasons to be thankful for your trees.  

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    As Americans plan Thanksgiving festivities this month, ‘tis the season to be thankful. Every year, families and friends give thanks for loved ones, opportunities, possessions and so much more. But when was the last time your trees made your list of thanks?

    This year, before you dig into your Thanksgiving feast, remember all that your trees do for you. Our trees are always giving to us, without asking for much in return. Here are just a few reasons to be thankful for your trees this holiday season:

    Money in your pocket.  The temperatures are plummeting in several regions of North America this time of year, so we crank up the thermostat for a warm, toasty home. Did you know your trees help save you money on your energy bill? Trees planted in the vicinity of your home are windbreakers. The less often wind strikes your windows and doors, the less your furnace must work. Peace of mind. Trees have the ability to improve our quality of life and mental health. Trees absorb traffic and mechanical noises that can increase our stress levels and decrease our ability to concentrate. In fact, cities that have a barrier of trees rather than a concrete wall protecting it from a highway have less mechanical noise. Environmental enthusiasts. Trees are our environment’s powerhouse, packed with benefits that are constantly improving its state. Trees provide us oxygen, improve air quality, reduce pollution and so much more. Easy on the eyes. Think about some of your favorite neighborhoods, stores and parks. Chances are they are lined with trees that add incredible aesthetic value. Trees add color, mask unappealing urban visuals like concrete walls and can help soften harsh, architectural lines. Why are you thankful for your trees? We would love to hear! Comment below and let us know why your trees made it onto your list of thanks.

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