Goats Offer Helping Hooves to a Unique Earth Day Event

Goats Offer Helping Hooves to a Unique Earth Day Event

Did you know? Goats are a sustainable solution to help weed out invasive species from large landscapes—making them the perfect guests for an Earth Day park cleanup event.

Most Earth Day events guest lists include city officials, community members and school students. But the city of Esquimalt, B.C., Canada, switched it up this Earth Day by inviting 12 goats to its annual Earth Day celebration in Esquimalt’s Highrock Park.

Davey Canada’s Victoria, B.C., residential tree services office co-sponsored this unique event. Davey crewmembers were excited to work alongside the weed-chomping goats to help the community.

Goats are an environmentally-friendly solution to weed out invasive species and native plants and trees such as Himalayan blackberry, Daphne, Scotch broom, English ivy and holly, which all threaten the park’s delicate ecosystem.

A small business called Goat’s on the Hoof supplied the goats that worked for two days in the park side-by-side with residents, students, teachers and local business workers—making the park a cleaner and safer place to play.

Davey employees enjoyed this fun-filled, two-day event. The crew supplied loppers and secateurs to help with invasive plant removal and also provided wood chips, which were used for create low-impact pathways around the park. Davey also set up an information booth to explain the value of trees throughout the park and answered all event attendees’ tree and landscape questions.

Here is a glimpse of Esquimalt Park’s Earth Day Cleanup Event:

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