"Ring in Spring" Tree Craft Idea No. 4: Dream Garden Bank

"Ring in Spring" Tree Craft Idea No. 4: Dream Garden Bank

Happy first day of spring! This is our final craft idea for the season—take advantage of the frequent rainy days and start crafting spring tree projects!

“Ring in Spring” Craft Idea No. 4: Dream Garden Bank

Hopefully you followed our “5 Garden and Landscape Resolutions for 2015 and started creating your dream garden plan for this spring. This simple craft will allow you to save up the needed funds to help make your garden dreams come true.

Create your dream garden bank, and start saving for your perfect landscape and garden.


  • Mason jar
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie marker
  • Ribbon
  • Hole punch


  • Cut an one-inch wide strip of green construction paper, and then cut thin, grass-like slices into the strip.
  • Tape the strip of “grass” around the bottom of the jar.
  • Write “Dream Garden Bank” on construction paper with a Sharpie® marker and cut it out into a tag.
  • Hole-punch the top left corner of your Dream Garden Bank tag.
  • Wrap ribbon around the top of the jar and through the hole punched Dream Garden Bank tag, then tie it on with a bow.
  • Start to fill your completed Dream Garden Bank with extra coins to help fund your ideal garden for the growing season.. 

Still feeling creative? Check out our Pinterest page for even more craft projects that use the natural gifts or inspiration from your trees!

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