Johns Creek Veterans Memorial Walk Receives TREEtment from Davey

Johns Creek Veterans Memorial Walk Receives TREEtment from Davey

There is plenty of love for trees among the crews at Davey's Atlanta residential tree services all year long. But more recently, employees have joined efforts involved with recognizing and protecting big trees. Read one of their stories below: 

Something about a certain Turkeyfoot red oak tree caught Chris Heim’s eye as he was walking through Newtown Park with his wife one morning.

The tree was standing near a proposed Vietnam War Memorial site, reminding Heim of his brother, who he lost in that war.

Heim’s encounter with the Turkeyfoot red oak at that particular location encouraged him to become involved with the creation of the Johns Creek Veterans Memorial Walk—and protection of surrounding trees. He donated the tree care services of Davey’s Atlanta tree services to benefit the existing trees onsite, including the Turkeyfoot red oak.

"I saw this as an opportunity to not only memorialize my brother, but also all who have served to protect our freedom,” Heim says.

Davey has performed pruning and cabling services on the Turkeyfoot red oak and will soon provide vertical mulching, fertilizing and lightning protection. The crew also pruned three dogwoods, two oaks, two maples, one pine and one large holly. They removed 15 other undesirable trees and stumps as well.

Heim, district manager, says the project was one of the most rewarding projects he has been involved with during his Davey career.

“Working with all the Johns Creek veterans has been such an honor,” he says. “They created an absolutely stunning memorial in just 14 months.”

If you're looking for pruning, mulching and fertilizing advice for the trees in your own backyard, contact your local, professionally trained Davey arborist for a free consultation.

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