Trees Surrounding a Veterans' Memorial Receive an Arborist's Makeover

Trees Surrounding a Veterans' Memorial Receive an Arborist's Makeover

Davey's South Minneapolis tree service crewmembers joined volunteers from S&S Tree, a Davey company, for the first time last Veterans' Day for a Day of Service at Fort Snelling National Cemetery. Later that week, crewmembers from Maier Tree & Lawn, a Davey company, volunteered for a similar Day of Service at a Veterans Memorial. Read more about their experience below.

Another “first” occurred in Rochester, Minnesota last fall when the city hosted its first Day of Service at the Soldiers Field Veterans Memorial.

“The Minnesota Society of Arboriculture had been trying to organize an event outside the Minneapolis metropolitan area,” says Jay Maier, district manager of Maier Tree & Lawn, a Davey company. “MSA asked me if I was interested in helping to organize the event.”

Not only did Maier and his team help coordinate the event and volunteer on the Friday after Veterans’ Day, but also they’re interested in helping again at future events.

“Events like this help employees think of the bigger picture and ways to give back,” Maier says. “The company can also show what it’s doing for others in the community. Good things happen in return.”

Maier Tree’s Jhad Fettig, Eric Foley, Jim Kelley, Jen Morgan, Don Mueller and Jarred Robinson attended the event to help prune hazardous limbs and deadwood from about 12 large ash trees.

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