Why Clients Are Thankful for Davey's Trusted Services

Why Clients Are Thankful for Davey's Trusted Services

To acknowledge the Thanksgiving holiday next week, Davey highlights a special long-term client's appreciation for Davey's expertise.

First impressions matter, but that's no news to the regional administrative staff at Hankook Tire, the world's seventh largest tire manufacturer. So, when properties require extra special care and attention, it's the extra special service providers that know how to best apply their expertise--to benefit all available services.

In 1992, Hankook Tire, headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, established its Akron Technical Center (ATC). In 1996, the state-of-the-art facility, which opened in Green, Ohio, became the company's first overseas research and development center.

At that time, three special trees took root on the front lawn of the Green facility. Chairman Cho, Yang-Rai, had dedicated the center tree in October 1996 when he and Executive Vice President H.S. Nam, the man who initiated the development of the ATC, dedicated the facility together.

But before the ATC property fell into Davey's care in 2001, the three green ash and white ash trees became infested with emerald ash borer. "It looked like a shotgun had hit the tree in every direction," Facility Supervisor David Gossett explains, adding the borer holes were at least ΒΌ-inch in diameter and more than 2 inches deep.

Davey clients thankful for Davey services
Nearly 15 years after Davey treated the ash trees at Hankook's Green facility, Commercial Landscape Services visits the property on a weekly basis to complete several lawn and landscape maintenance services. | Photo: David Gossett

"Borers had damaged the tree from top to bottom," he says. In fact, borers had destroyed approximately three-fourths of the trunks' total diameter. Once Gossett had expressed concerns that the trees would not survive much longer, he decided it was time to make an attempt to save them.

Because Gossett lives in Kent, Ohio, the location of Davey's corporate offices, he called the company for its tree care expertise, with which he was familiar. "You can hire companies who talk the talk, or you can hire companies who walk the walk," Gossett says. Yet, at that time, Gossett knew little about Davey's Commercial Landscape Services, let alone just how involved CLS would be with Hankook's ATC property in the future.

When Davey first visited the property nearly 15 years ago, the crew inspected the trees' damage and determined a treatment regimen from there. Davey sprayed the trees and completed deep ground feedings, as well as several other services, in an effort to save Hankook's trees. "The trees survived through the end of the year and through the following year as well, but we questioned whether they would ultimately survive long-term," Gossett says.

Hankook Tire green ash trees
Three ash trees line the front lawn of Hankook Tire's Akron Technical Center property in Green, Ohio. Thanks to Davey's treatment that addressed a severe borer infestation nearly 15 years ago, the trees continue to prosper today. | Photo: David Gossett

As the trees continued to pull through for several subsequent years, Gossett's trust in Davey's service grew; in turn, Davey's involvement with the landscape maintenance at Hankook's ATC grew. "From there, we contacted Davey's local CLS branch to care for the facility," Gossett explains. "I am delighted to continue working with Davey."

Gossett takes pride in his property, which Kent Winterhalter, Cleveland East CLS branch manager, claims is the best within the commercial park it resides. "Dave is very well educated in the landscape arena, and he expects professional service," Winterhalter explains. "He is a great advocate of Davey."

Now, Davey's Cleveland East CLS crew visits the property once each week to mow, fertilize, trim trees and treat them for pests and diseases as needed. Crewmembers even notify Gossett when they see bees boring into the lawn--an issue he handles himself approximately twice a year.

"The property looks good," Gossett says, emphasizing his appreciation for Davey's ability to save its trees. "When executives from companies, such as car manufacturers, visit, the property outside is the first thing they see, so it's important we make a good first impression."

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