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The remaining section of an ash tree that reads "DAD" was presented to Davey client Cathy P. Her late father-in-law had helped her husband plant the tree 20 years ago, but it needed to be removed last fall.

Detroit Davey Employees Preserve a Treasured, EAB-Infested Ash Tree

February 16, 2016

We all have one tree in our yard – or from our childhood home – that holds the most special place in our heart. The one you planted right when you moved in or the big, stately oak your children used to climb. The one tree you can’t help but smile when you see.

For Cathy P. in Detroit, it was the tree her late father-in-law had helped her husband plant 20 years ago. But it was time to say goodbye to the tree last fall when emerald ash borer damage threatened its survival.

Cathy was sad to see her ash tree suffer, so she called in the Northeast Detroit Davey Tree office for help. Read below how Davey was able to help keep the memory of her tree alive – even after its demise.

Cathy had just recently experienced the passing of her father-in-law, Frank, which made the tree removal more difficult to face. When Davey arrived to the property to inspect the tree and ultimately remove it, the crew involved was aware of the situation and acted considerately.

It was the first time foreman Matt Regoni and trimmers Anthony Defazio and Erik Youngblood had worked at Cathy’s property. But they certainly made a great first impression.

What they did

 “I didn’t want to take the whole tree away from her,” Youngblood says, explaining how he thought it would be nice to present Cathy with a piece of the tree to keep. His solution? To carve “DAD” into a wooden disc from the trunk of the ash tree Davey’s crew removed.

“They knew it’s the small things that can mean so much,” Cathy explains. “Erik knew the gift would mean a lot to me—and Matt even instructed me how to preserve it! I’ve never been so touched in all my life.”  Cathy left a five-star review of the Davey Tree Expert Company on Facebook, sharing all the details of her Davey Tree experience.

Thanks to the Davey Northeast Detroit tree trimming crew, Cathy was able to preserve a piece of her beloved tree.

If you have an ash tree in your yard, keep it safe from the EAB that damaged Cathy’s tree. Many ash trees can be saved by spotting signs of EAB before the infestation takes over.

If you have an ash tree, look out for common symptoms including:

  • Think, vertical slits or D-Shaped  holes in the bark
  • S-shaped tunnels beneath the bark
  • Leaf wilt and branch dieback resulting in a thin canopy

If you spot any of these EAB signs, it’s important to contact your local arborist for a tree inspection right away. Because there is not a “one size fits all” approach to protecting against EAB, your arborist will provide recommendations for treatment options based on the particular needs of your ash tree.

For a quick reference guide to identifying the early signs of EAB, download our EAB infographic

Evaluate the condition of your ash tree today by requesting a consultation with your local office.

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