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Readying your trees for winter can be done with the fall four: plant, prune, feed and oil.

Reduce Winter Damage: Prep Trees for Winter with the Fall Four

October 14, 2015

While savoring each moment of the crisp autumn air, take time to prep for the coming winter.

By readying your trees for winter, they better withstand snow storms. With fewer fallen branches and limbs this winter, your home and your car will be safer.

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Prep your trees for winter with the Fall Four.

  1. Plant. Trees simply love fall. With mild weather and frequent rainfall, roots establish quickly and grow strong. Plant a tree any time after Labor Day through the end of October to set it up for success. Always remember to pick the right tree for the right place, too. Then, mulch your tree around Halloween while avoiding spooky, scary volcano mulch!
  2. Prune.  After tree leaves fall, a certified arborist can better examine your tree’s structure. As your arborist prunes the canopy, your tree gains a stronger structure that can tolerate wind. When those brutal winter storms roll through, pruned trees are less likely to break and damage your home or car.
  3. Feed. While trees appear dormant during winter, their roots are still growing and absorbing nutrients if the ground isn’t frozen. Feed trees a slow-release fertilizer to help them endure winter and return stronger than ever in spring. Plus, tree fertilizers help decrease stress, so trees can better ward off diseases and invasive insects.
  4. Oil. Keep those insects far away from your beloved trees with dormant oil. Insects lay eggs on trees at summer’s end. By applying dormant oil in fall, you stop insect larvae from further developing. In spring, you’ll have less bugs gnawing on fresh tree buds and fruit. Rest assured! Dormant oils only eliminate the bad bugs and are less toxic to beneficial bugs.

Contact your local Davey Tree arborist to prepare your trees for winter.

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