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Natural materials are useful - and attractive - in the home, too!

End-of-Summer DIY Tree Craft No. 3: Natural Tree Hooks

August 20, 2015

Before back-to-school routines and busy fall holiday schedules begin, take advantage of your summer break by tackling some handmade, recycled crafts with natural materials from your own backyard! In the next couple weeks we’ll post our favorite DIY projects using bits and pieces of the finest specimens Mother Nature has to offer: trees. Go out on a limb and start crafting!

End-of-Summer DIY Tree Craft No. 3: Natural Tree Hooks

Need a place to organize your jewelry, hats or jackets? Look no further! This DIY project allows you to bring the power of trees into your home—harnessing tree branches’ natural strength for hanging your favorite possessions.


Recycled Piece of Wood

Sand Paper

Wood Stain

Paint Brush

Recycled Rag

Strong Tree Branches

Pruning Shears or Saw

White Paint

Hot Glue Gun and Glue

Hammer and Nails

Two Frame Hooks


1. Sand edges of base wood with sand paper.

2. Use paint brush or recycled rag to stain wood to your preferred color. (optional)

3. Use pruning shears to cut strong branches to the height of your wood base.

4. Sand down tops and bottoms of branches until smooth.

5. Paint branches entirely with acrylic white paint and let dry.

6. Attach white branch “hangers” to your initial wood base using hot glue or hammer and nails, depending on how thick your branches are.

7. Hot glue or nail two frame hooks to the back of your natural tree hooks DIY project and you’ll have a perfect place to hang up coats, hats or jewelry!

Natural Tree Hooks idea credit: alittlecraftinyourday.com

Still feeling creative? Check out our Pinterest Page for even more craft projects that use the natural gifts or inspiration from your trees.

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