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Bring nature indoors by using materials from trees to spruce up old household items, like this lamp shade.

End-of-Summer DIY Tree Craft No. 1: Tree Branch Lamp Shade

August 18, 2015

Before back-to-school routines and busy fall holiday schedules begin, take advantage of your summer break by tackling some handmade, recycled crafts with natural materials from your own backyard! In the next couple weeks we’ll post our favorite DIY projects using bits and pieces of the finest specimens Mother Nature has to offer: trees. Go out on a limb and start crafting!\

Get Crafting!

End-of-Summer DIY Tree Craft No. 1: Tree Branch Lamp Shade


Summer storms have been downing tree branches all season—so, why not put those branches to use? This DIY project grants you the perfect opportunity to clean your landscape and create a one-of-a-kind piece for your home.


Recycled Lamp


Pruning Shears/Scissors

Hot Glue Gun and Glue


  1. Use a recycled lamp from your house that is in much need of a makeover.
  2. Collect enough downed branches and twigs in your landscape or local park to cover the circumference of the lamp shade.
  3. Cut branches/twigs down to the height of your lamp shade using pruning shears or scissors.
  4. Vertically align branches/twigs onto lamp shade and hot glue into place.
  5. Cover the entire shade with branches and display your new tree branch lamp in your home!

Tree Branch Lamp Shade idea credit: alittlecraftinyourday.com

Still feeling creative? Check out our Pinterest Page for even more craft projects that use natural gifts or inspiration from your trees.

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