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Sometimes, trees must come down to prevent major damage to the land and communities beneath them. But removing such big trees is easier said than done.

Davey Takes on a Tough Tree Test

August 11, 2015

Mature trees provide us many benefits, but if they are not properly maintained, trees can become huge safety risks.

That is why Davey helped remove a hazardous 220-foot Douglas fir tree in Santa Cruz County, California.

Davey employees complete necessary challenges to keep safe the clients and communities crewmembers serve. That is why one crew helped remove a hazardous 220-foot tall Douglas fir tree with a 12-foot-trunk-diameter for client Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) in Santa Cruz County, California.


This massive Douglas fir stood only 20 feet from electrical wires parallel to a busy county road. Neil Fischer, principal program manager at PG&E, said if the tree were to fall it would cause tremendous damage to the community.

Davey employees climbed the ginormous tree and removed it section by section, starting at the top. The tree was successfully removed, leaving the community a safer place.

“The crew was set up safely and worked skillfully while accommodating traffic and the customer’s questions and requests,” Fischer says. “This is impressive work and it’s the right thing to do…Big thanks to Davey and its crews.”

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