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The champion black locust tree standing in the front yard at a residence in the Finger Lakes wine country.

The Comeback Champion Tree That Never Gives Up

July 14, 2015

The Finger Lakes’ wine country native black locust has been on and off the National Big Tree Program’s list of champions for the last 39 years. Reclaiming its title in 2014, the tree is once again the largest black locust in the U.S.

A Champion Black Locust Located: Dansville, New York

America’s biggest black locust tree stands in the front yard of a residence in the Finger Lakes wine country. Each spring, thousands of snowy-white, fragrant floral clusters emerge on the grapevines nearby, luring a cloud of honeybees, creating a picturesque scene.

First identified as a champion in 1975, this black locust proudly held the title until 2012. Fighting to regain its worthy award, this grandiose locust made a comeback on the 2014 list. At 99 feet tall with a 72-feet wide canopy, we hope this champion tree reigns for years to come.

For 75 years, American Forests has identified the country’s largest native trees in order to preserve them and educate the public about their importance. To celebrate, and mark Davey’s 25th year partnering with American Forests, the 2015 National big Tree Program Calendar features special champion trees from across the country, including this come-back-tree, the champion black locust.

Do you know a big tree you’d like to see recognized in American Forests’ National Big Tree Program? Nominate it here!

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