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An EF-1 tornado wreaked havoc at Ursuline College in northeast Ohio - it even uprooted trees along a stream suffering from erosion. Davey Resource Group stepped in to provide expertise and advice to help remedy the damage.

Davey Helps Two Colleges Weather Storm Damage: Part 1, Ursuline

August 4, 2015

Years of rainfall caused the extreme erosion that left two college campuses in Mother Nature’s wanton destruction.

Read more about their recoveries on the Davey blog this week.

Ursuline and Hiram, two small colleges in northeast Ohio, were no match for Ohio’s unforgiving weather conditions. Administrators at both schools found themselves faced with the need to restore water ways for the benefit of both the schools and their surrounding communities.


In the midst of a dilemma, both colleges sought the same solution: to contact Davey for assistance.

Part 1: Ursuline College

Ursuline College, located 13 miles east of Cleveland, Ohio, experienced a tornado that damaged several buildings—in addition to leveling the school gymnasium. The resulting damage proved to be the final straw for a severely eroded stream fed by culverts that drained impervious surfaces across campus.

The tornado, confirmed as an EF 1 on a 0-to-5 scale by the National Weather Service, did more than topple bricks and mortar. Winds of more than 100 miles-per-hour also uprooted trees along an unnamed stream running through campus that had suffered for years from erosion.stream restoration


Corine Peugh, a project manager with Davey Resource Group, says the tornado damaged the main head wall at the top of the stream channel, which is a tributary to Pepper Creek that eventually flows into the Chagrin River and on to Lake Erie.

“They had existing issues with stream bank erosion and sedimentation, and the toppling of trees by the tornado led to further destabilization of the banks,” Peugh says.

Davey’s Solution: Davey worked with Ursuline to implement a design plan for restoring the stream channel by reinforcing the main culvert and several others along the entire tributary with riprap, re-grading steeply eroded banks and replanting the flood plain with native vegetation.

Check the blog to read about Hiram College's recovery in Part 2 this Thursday!

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