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"I love my job and being an advocate for trees," says Jason Gaskill, assistant district manager at Davey's Wilmington residential tree care services office and member of the Wilmington Tree Commission. He helped secure involvement from Davey and Kerns Brothers Tree Service & Landscaping, a Davey company, as sponsors in a combined community Earth Day and Arbor Day event.

Two "Green" Holidays, One Big Event

June 3, 2015

Davey crews look forward to celebrating two “green” holidays each year: Earth Day and Arbor Day. Eager to protect and highlight Mother Nature, Davey participates in festive, environmental holiday events year-after-year. Let’s take a look at one of those TREEmendous events:

Celebrate the Earth and Trees: Wilmington, Delaware

Instead of hosting two events, the city of Wilmington, Delaware, decided to have one large-scale event to celebrate the Earth and trees all at once.

The event attracted more than 1,000 community members and 200 local school children to Rodney Square to celebrate Mother Nature. More than 20 vendors representing environmental and sustainable businesses in the area, including Davey attended as well.

“We decided to have a double event to drive more public outreach,” Gaskill says. “The event made a great venue to advocate trees and the importance of the Wilmington tree canopy for the future.”

Jason Gaskill, assistant district manager at Davey’s Wilmington residential tree care services office and a member of the Wilmington Tree Commission, helped secure Davey’s involvement as sponsors in the event. The city also partnered with the Delaware Center for Horticulture, Delaware Forest Service and Delaware Estuary.

“Many people do not understand the tree and arboriculture industry,” Gaskill says. “It’s important to spread awareness about the benefits of trees to a community that only sees trees as a burden.”

Davey contributed a bucket truck with a “Happy Earth Day” poster hanging from the top, which welcomed people to the event. In addition to their informational booths, Davey demonstrated proper tree climbing techniques for the elementary school students. Children also participated in tree planting lessons and environmental classes at the Wilmington Library. 

“I love my job and being an advocate for trees,” Gaskill says. “Davey continues to work with the Delaware Center for Horticulture in order to keep spreading public awareness about trees and creating more community tree advocates.”

Which Arbor Day and Earth Day events did you participate in this year? Comment below with your TREEmendous stories!

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