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i-Tree Tools Help You Better Know Your Trees and Their Benefits

May 28, 2015

Trees are so good to us—as long as we help properly care for them. You can use the i-Tree tools below—as well as several others—to discover what exactly your trees are doing for you!

What are i-Tree tools?

i-Tree Tools are innovative online and desktop applications that allow anyone, from homeowners to city planners, to quantify tree benefits within an area of interest.

Everyone knows trees provide us with shade, but they do so much more than that. i-Tree Tools provide simple steps to understand tree benefits beyond shade, including home energy savings, greenhouse gas mitigation, air quality improvements and storm-water interception.

Here are a few examples of online i-Tree Tools you can use below:

i-Tree Design

The i-Tree Design application estimates the value of benefits provided by individual or multiple trees. All the user needs to input is the tree’s location, species, size and condition; the application will do the rest. You can also outline your house or building to see tree related energy effects.

You can use this tool to determine your current tree’s benefits, or you can virtually plant new trees to evaluate the potential benefits your landscape could obtain. i-Tree also allows you to generate benefit statistics for the previous years or any future date you have specified.         

Try this tool to better understand what your trees are doing for you.

i-Tree Design will quantify:

  • Air quality improvements
  • Analysis of electricity and heating energy use
  • Breakdown of the annual benefits of each tree
  • Carbon sequestered and avoided
  • Combined benefits for all trees on a parcel
  • Gallons of storm-water intercepted
  • Projection of tree growth and benefits into the future

i-Tree Canopy

i-Tree Canopy estimates tree canopy coverage and associated benefits in a given region. All you have to do is define an area, neighborhood or region you want to quantify using Canopy’s Google Maps interface. i-Tree Canopy generates random survey points within your project boundaries. After classifying survey points, you will then receive your canopy cover and tree benefits estimates.

Anyone can use this accessible tool to define community tree canopy coverage in order to make realistic environmental goals for the future.

Step-by-step instructions on how to use i-Tree Canopy here

Source: https://www.itreetools.org/


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