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Our blog turns 5 this month! We're happy to reflect on some of the content we've shared with you through the years below.

Happy 5th Anniversary to the Davey Blog!

April 2, 2015

In lieu of our blog’s 5th anniversary this month, we chose the top 5 posts to highlight with our readers.

Join us as we reminisce about the blog’s TREE-mendous content!

The Davey blog, “In the Shade,” has adapted and grown through the years—just like a flourishing tree. Our blog covers several topics about trees, landscapes and our employees. To spread our passion for trees, we now promote our blog posts via Davey’s social media channels and e-newsletters.

Now, check out the best five Davey blog posts over the last 5 years:

The Top 5 Davey Blog Posts:

  1. You Won’t Believe What Your Tree is Doing For You! (2014)—Trees provide us with the environmental and energy saving benefits that you may have yet to realize. This post covers a list of tree benefits with enlightening infographics and statistics. After you read this post you might want to go outside and hug a tree.
  1. The Root of the Matter: Fertilize for Healthy Growth (2013)—From the roots up, your trees need maintenance and care. This post covers the ins and outs of fertilization and the benefits it provides to your trees.
  1. Back to School…For Your Trees (2012)—This post covers tree care and landscape maintenance lessons, including mulching guidance, watering techniques and pruning pointers for late summer and early fall. Study up and give your trees the “back-to-school” treatment this fall! 
  1. Why Trees Don’t Wear Sweaters (2011)—Yes, we know everyone is tired of the gloomy, cold winter but this post covers what actually happens to trees in the winter. Trees, unlike humans, can’t bundle up and come inside from the cold. Trees stand strong and sturdy all year long no matter what the forecast says.
  1. Trees That Give Back (2010)—If you are thinking about planting a tree—think seasonal! This post covers all-season landscaping tips and which trees are best to plant for each of the four seasons. Bring a pop of tree color to your landscape all year long!

Keep looking out for more blog posts about seasonal lawn and tree advice. 

If you’re looking for tree care advice for your own trees, contact your local arborist for a free consultation.

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