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Trimmer Justin Madsen applies a temporary tattoo to a participant of RPU's Arbor Day celebration.

Countdown to National Arbor Day: Kids Get the Feel for Arbor Day

April 14, 2015

We’re excited for Arbor Day, are you? In preparation for National Arbor Day—celebrated on the last Friday in April—we will post a story about TREE-ific Arbor Day events at which Davey crews have participated. You can look forward to reading a new Arbor Day blog post each week this month! 

Davey is passionate about volunteering for Arbor Day events leading up to the national holiday. Let’s take a look back to one of the TREE-mendous events that took place last year.

Kids Get the Feel for Arbor Day

Recognizing the importance of trees with the community is just one of the reasons Maier Tree & Lawn celebrates Arbor Day annually. In 2014, the company continued its tradition of participating in Rochester Public Utilities’ (RPU) Arbor Day celebration for the 12th consecutive year.

“When the community recognizes trees are important, it shows they think our profession is important, too,” says Jay Maier, founder and district manager of Maier Tree & Lawn, a Davey company.

Maier Tree & Lawn and RPU have collaborated since 2002 to bring school-aged children and the general public together to celebrate the most important aspect of Arbor Day: the community’s beloved trees. The celebration is complete with live music, tree experts, poster contests and various family activities, including tree climbing for kids.

“The tree climbing event is my favorite part of the day,” Maier says. “We set the kids up with hard hats and harnesses and have an arborist in the tree to help them. It’s great to watch them touch the tree, get the feel for climbing and talk to them about the importance of the tree.”

Watch this clip for a recap of last year’s event! 

The Tree Fun Continues

Maier Tree & Lawn anticipates celebrating its 13th annual Arbor Day Celebration with more than 1,500 elementary school students and 1,000 Rochester community members on April 24.

What is Arbor Day? Arbor Day is a national holiday that celebrates the importance of trees in our lives but also promotes tree care and planting awareness. First observed in 1972 in Nebraska, Arbor Day is now celebrated all around the world.

Stay tuned for more Davey Arbor Day stories on our blog “In the Shade in the next few weeks. 

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