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Davey's Albany residential tree services crew volunteered for two Arbor Day events last year. How #TREEmendous!

Countdown to National Arbor Day: A Journey Around Town for Arbor Day

April 21, 2015

We’re excited for Arbor Day, are you? In preparation for National Arbor Day this Friday, we will post a story about TREE-ific Arbor Day events at which Davey crews have participated.

Davey is passionate about volunteering for Arbor Day events leading up to the national holiday. Let’s take a look back to one of the TREE-mendous events that took place last year.

A Journey Around Town for Arbor Day:

A day full of activity is what Davey’s Albany residential tree services crew volunteered to tackle on Arbor Day last year when employees attended two different events to give back to the community.

First Stop: Washington Park

Davey’s team worked with the city of Albany and the Washington Park Conservancy to donate a horse chestnut tree to Washington Park. Employees planted the tree, as well as completed other pruning and cabling tasks around the park. The new chestnut took the place of a silver maple that was removed after the previous harsh winter.

Second Stop: Gordon Creek Elementary School

In addition to working at Washington Park, Davey’s Albany residential tree services crew visited Gordon Creek Elementary School to help student’s plant three dogwood trees just outside the school’s gymnasium. Davey employees gave the students, including kindergarteners and Gordon Creek student council members, pencils and information to take home about the importance of Arbor Day.

“The students were really excited and were racing to grab a shovel and get right to work with us,” says Sales Trainee Bryant Merkley. “The students helped us pack in the holes after we planted the dogwoods.”“Albany

Merkley led Davey’s crew, including two other Davey employees who enjoyed giving back to the community on such an important day.  

“Trees are the answer,” Merkley explains regarding the importance of teaching kids about Arbor Day. “I always say the best time to plant a tree is yesterday.”

What is Arbor Day? Arbor Day is a national holiday that celebrates the importance of trees in our lives but also promotes tree care and planting awareness. First observed in 1972 in Nebraska, Arbor Day is now celebrated all around the world.

To stay up-to-date on all events leading up to National Arbor Day—follow the Arbor Day Foundation for more information.

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