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This American Forests champion tree is one of 10 Kentucky champion trees and stands 139 feet tall.

National Champion Shellbark Hickory Tree Boasts Unique Features

March 3, 2015

One of 10 Kentucky champion trees, this shellbark hickory tree was identified in 1994 and is estimated by some to be as old as the state, founded in 1792.

National Champion

This mighty hickory was quickly added to the list of champion trees, thanks to its lofty height of 139 feet and circumference of 14 feet. It famously grows huge hickory nuts, which can grow as large as baseballs and are a favorite food of ducks, quail, turkeys, chipmunks, deer, foxes and even humans. Another beloved feature of this shellbark is its shaggy bark, which twists and peels off.

For 75 years, American Forests has identified the country’s largest native trees in order to preserve them and educate the public about their importance. To celebrate, and mark Davey’s 25th year partnering with American Forests, the 2015 National Big Tree Program Calendar features special champion trees from across the country, including Kentucky's national champion shellbark hickory tree. See the rest of the trees and their stories here: http://www.davey.com/treestories.

Do you know a big tree you'd like to see recognized in American Forests' National Big Tree Program? Nominate it here!

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