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Royal Falmouth resident Cal used the wood base Davey's Cape Cod tree services donated to create a monument to his military service in the Marines. Photo credit: Nancy Newman, Royal Falmouth Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

Davey's 'Fairy House' Donations Brighten Falmouth, Massachusetts Senior Living Facility

January 14, 2015

When the activity director of a nearby nursing and rehabilitation center needed wood slabs for an art project, Davey's Cape Cod tree services delivered.

It’s not uncommon for tree service firms to donate wood chips for mulch beds, compost or play area surfaces.

But a donation to help build fairy houses? When Carol Booth, client experience coordinator for Davey’s Cape Cod tree services, got that call, she couldn’t pass it up.

“It’s the first request like that we’ve gotten,” Booth says. “It certainly was creative.”

Nancy Newman, activity director for Royal Falmouth Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Falmouth, Massachusetts, contacted Booth looking for wood slabs to use as a base for an arts activity for her residents.

Several residents of Royal Falmouth are Boston Red Sox fans and recreated their own Fairy House versions of Fenway Park. Photo credit: Nancy Newman, Royal Falmouth Nursing and Rehabilitation Center.

“I had called and left messages with four different tree companies, and Davey was the only company that ever responded,” Newman says.

Davey employees donated a few hours to saw up a tree removed from a job into more than two dozen thin, round slabs. “We cut them within a day of her call,” Booth says.

Newman took the new wood pieces back to Royal Falmouth and sparked her residents’ creativity with the fairy houses project.

“My idea was to make a PowerPoint presentation and teach the residents what fairy houses are, but I didn’t have enough time,” she says. “And I’m glad I didn’t. They had no idea what a fairy house was, and so all these creations came about from each resident’s personal, lifetime experiences.”





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