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Why did Davey's Nanaimo tree services crew receive such a large thank you card? Read more to find out!

Davey Tree Climber Saves Link the Cat

January 30, 2015

Davey Canada's Nanaimo, British Columbia tree service crew quickly responded to a request by a worried cat owner.

It was what seemed like any other ordinary day when a call went out to Davey’s Nanaimo, British Columbia tree services. This not-so-ordinary call was from a distressed homeowner whose cat, Link, had been stuck in a tree for two days.

Climber Corey St. Luke was quick to respond to the call, since he was already in the area and loves cats himself. He explains, “I gladly obliged.”

The cat, which the homeowner describes as very large and very frightened, was nearly 35 feet high in an alder tree. St. Luke was quick to climb the tree, gently wrap a pillow case around the cat and lower him to safety.

The family took photos of St. Luke as he rescued their cat and decided to show their appreciation after the rescue. A few days after the event, St. Luke received a thank you card from the client’s children, complete with photos of them with the cat and St. Luke’s rescue.

As the client wrote via Davey’s blog, In the Shade, “My grandson is so happy to have his best buddy back. Thanks so much for helping Link the cat!” 

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