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Know the signs of possible snow damage to your trees this winter.

3 Ways to Protect Trees After Heavy Snowfall

December 2, 2014

Welcome, Winter! So far, Mother Nature has not hesitated to deliver wintry conditions already.

With winter on our minds, let’s turn our attention to those who have to face the season outdoors, at all times: our trees.

Just imagine how you would feel if you had to withstand a heavy snowstorm from outside the comfort of your home. Make sure your trees are prepared to withstand a snowstorm.

 Know the signs of possible snow damage with these 3 tips:

  • Don’t shake limbs or try to remove snow. Shaking branches and limbs to free snow accumulation can cause them to snap and potentially damage the circulatory system. Instead, allow snow to naturally melt off of branches.
  • Safely remove broken limbs.  The weight of snow and ice can cause limbs to break off, which may endanger people and property. If your tree has broken limbs, have it removed as soon as the weather allows.
  • Prevent snow and ice damage.  Preventing damage from a heavy snowfall is possible with proper pruning and the removal of hazardous, dead or weak branches. Be sure to inspect upright evergreens and older trees after a snowstorm, as they are most likely to suffer from damage.

Check out our winter checklist for even more tips on how to help your trees withstand the wintry weather.

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