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Davey commercial landscape service volunteers boosted children into trees at Fresh Air Camp earlier this year.

Children See Foliage From Above

November 3, 2014

How do you spark children’s interest in trees? One way is to get outside and show them just what it takes to enjoy the presence of trees!

Davey’s Cleveland West commercial landscape services crew has volunteered at Fresh Air Camp, a six-day camp for children who are ventilator dependent, since 2011. Fresh Air Camp is designed to give disabled children a chance to spend time outdoors and participate in group activities.

Every year, Davey crewmembers volunteer to give children a boost into a tree canopy to catch a view from the top. Without the help of volunteers and their equipment, the children’s limitations would prevent them from experiencing this unique opportunity. 

A certified arborist inspects and approves the tree that will be used for the climbing demonstration prior to the children’s activity. Then, a volunteer harnesses the children, secures their safety equipment and up, up, up the children go!

It’s events like these that can inspire children to love trees and teach them about trees’ importance and the benefits they provide. Check out the photo gallery below for some highlights of 2014 Fresh Air Camp.

How do you inspire your community to love its trees? Comment below with your story--we would love to know how you spread your tree love!  

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