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Spread much in the shape of a doughnut around your tree, not like a volcano. This gives the base of your tree some room to breathe!

4 Tree Care Tips Every Homeowner Should Read

October 14, 2014

District Manager of The Care of Trees Naperville tree services office, Skeet, met with Bill Moller on WGN Radio 720 to answer questions and inform homeowners about different tree diseases in the area.

Do any of these symptoms sound like something causing your trees to suffer? Read below to find out more about tree diseases:

Question: I have a question about using the wood from a tree that was cut down due to emerald ash borer. Is it ok to use it for mulch? 

Skeet: Mulching is the single best thing you can do for your trees. Mulch is great. We have so many inhibitors to our tree’s roots like driveways, sidewalks and streets. However, ash tree wood should not be used as mulch. It should be properly disposed of and hauled away to be left in a quarantine area.

Question: Is it good to have a volcano of mulch around a tree?

Skeet: No. We want to mulch like a donut, not a volcano. We want to have that mulch about 2 inches away from the base of the tree and then mulch out as far as you want. Just don’t put the mulch against the base of the tree. Most people think it’s good for the tree to be as close to the mulch as possible, like it’s giving it a hug, but that’s not the case.

Question: Is it good to trim trees right before the start of spring? Or, is there a better time to trim them?

Skeet: Pruning your trees during the dormant season is a great time to trim your trees. Right now is a great time for us to be able to get a good visual of the tree; see its structure while there are no leaves on it. With the oaks and elms, winter is the time you have to prune due to disease possibilities in these species.

Question: The last couple of years I have noticed there is a large black spot on the leaves of my maple trees. What does that mean?

Skeet: Are you noticing this more on the inside or outside of the trees? What I’m sensing is this could be a leaf fungus where the tree gets more moisture and less light. It doesn’t sound life threatening, it sounds like more of an aesthetic concern and that brings us into tree care, which would be the fertilization and soil and watering regime you are using or not using for the tree. A healthy tree can fend off things like this.

Do you have a question about one of your trees? Contact us for a free consultation! One of our professionally trained arborists would be happy to meet with you and answer all your tree disease questions this fall. 

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