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Certified arborists know your trees best. Choose an arborist you can trust with your tree care needs.

Why Should You Hire a Certified Arborist?

September 11, 2014

We are fast approaching the changing of the seasons, which can add stress to your trees. For example, if you experienced a drought-stricken summer and are expecting a hard, frigid winter, your trees may not be able to handle those weather extremes without proper care. A certified arborist can check your trees for existing damage and prepare them for the transition from summer to fall.

Davey’s professionally trained arborists know what you need to keep your trees growing strong, healthy and safe. Read below for more reasons why you should consider hiring a certified arborist from Greg Wilson, district manager of Davey’s West St. Louis residential tree services, on KTRS News and Talk Radio. Wilson joins Jim McMillan and John Shea for their Saturday morning “Inside Out” show 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. weekly. 

JM: When I was reading your “Technical Bulletin,” it dawned on me how many things are stacked against our trees and shrubs. When you figure soil condition, the different fungus diseases and the different insects we have, it’s a wonder that anything can grow here.

GW: We’ve been getting a lot of calls here about spider mites. It’s gotten so dry, and spider mites love the heat.

JM: We are getting a lot of calls about scales on pine trees and spruce mites. So, is there anything you can do about those things? I also saw that The Davey Tree Expert Company has what you call an inspection tree program, and I wish you would explain that a little bit.

Greg Wilson, district manager for Davey’s West St. Louis residential tree care office

GW: The inspection and treatment program starts with an arborist coming out to your home and looking at everything to see if anything needs to be treated. We can set you up with timely, monthly inspections and treatments, when the technician inspects all your trees and shrubs. We don’t just go out and blanket-spray everything, but we actually just treat what needs to be treated or provide preventative treatment.

JM: Now, that’s going to define you for a lot of guys who just come with a power sprayer, spray the heck out of everything and charge you twice what you would probably have to pay. And, it would probably be half as effective.

GW: Right. The main thing is that you make sure you have a qualified arborist that inspects your property to see if you have any problems because preventative maintenance goes a long way.

JS: I’ve got clients who say they have called a company that claims they have a guy who knows trees. You know, they say he knows how to cut them down. How do I know if I have a qualified arborist? What do we look for?

GW: Certified arborists are set up with the state. Ask them for their certified arborist number. Then, you know he or she is qualified. There is a website you can go to and look up the number to make sure all of the qualifications are there.   

JM: The other thing that separates you guys out is that sometimes we have insect damage or fungus damage of some sort, but then we have winter injury. People need to have someone who is qualified enough to tell the difference when they are standing in your front yard.

GW: Like you had mentioned earlier, our soil conditions all play in and that is already stacked. You need to pick to make sure you got the right plant for the right place, also.

Are you ready to hire one of Davey’s professionally trained arborists for your tree service needs? Contact us today!

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