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Davey District Manager Gordon Matthews leads the Boy Scout Troop of Stow, Ohio, through a park on an EAB hunt.

The Lean, Mean, Green Pest Everyone is Looking For

September 18, 2014

The little, pesky pest known as emerald ash borer (EAB) is taking the lives of ash trees near and far. In fact, more than one million ash trees in the U.S. and Canada have been harmed by EAB.

The best way to combat EAB is to be proactive and recognize if and when the infestation has occurred. Taking a small amount of time, even just 10 minutes, to check your trees for signs of an infestation could help save the lives of other local ash trees.

That’s why Gordon Matthews, district manager for Davey’s Akron tree services, joined Boy Scout Troop 177 of Stow, Ohio, to lead an EAB hunt. Matthews wanted to not only teach the troop about the importance of the EAB outbreak, but also the overall significance and benefits of trees.

The troop sets out to hunt for EAB and identify the benefits of ash trees.

“This was enjoyable,” Matthews says. “Some of these boys were pretty sharp; I saw the wheels turning. I got to show them new tree identifications.”

Matthews spent the afternoon with Troop 177 at Stow’s Silver Springs Park explaining how to identify EAB. He even showed the boys a preserved sample of EAB larva and a fully developed specimen. The group then placed tree tags on ash trees throughout the park to identify them and showcase their benefits.        

Not only was Matthews rewarded by his day teaching youth, but he also helped several troop members earn their forestry merit badge. “We need to form our next generation of tree climbers and people interested in the outdoors,” he says. “These are the type of tree-lovers that grow up to love trees just as much as we do here at Davey.”

Suspect EAB is stalking the ash trees in your own backyard? Contact your local, professionally trained Davey Tree services arborist for a free consultation.

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