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The vegetable garden at the Sacramento River Discovery Center receives donated wood chips from Davey’s PG&E North Shasta crew.

Davey Helps Trees Give Back to the Environment

September 9, 2014

Why fertilize? Because it helps promote healthy growth for the benefit of your trees, shrubs and lawns. In fact, fall is the perfect time for tree fertilization because your trees need replenished after losing many nutrients in the heat of summer.

It’s important for soils to retain nutrients all year long. It’s the natural components of the earth and other natural materials that help your green assets survive throughout the year and thrive in the growing season. That’s why the Sacramento River Discovery Center is so grateful for the wood chips donation one Davey crew has delivered to its property for several years.

Naturally nutritious. Trees don’t have to be living for some of their benefits to exist. In fact, one particular gardener from California has discovered trees give back to the environment, even after their roots have been lifted from the earth below.    

For several years, Davey’s PG&E North Shasta crew has donated many loads of wood chips to the Sacramento River Discovery Center, a facility dedicated to enhancing the public’s education of resources that define the Sacramento River watershed.

Davey’s wood chip donation also benefits weed abatement efforts along walking trails through the gardens and around drought tolerant plants located on the property of the Sacramento River Discovery Garden.

While a proper watering regimen is important to maintain, particularly during the hot summer months, wood chips help the soil retain moisture and continue plant growth. Davey’s wood chip donation also benefits a portion of the garden testing permaculture practices—natural methods that help build soil fertility.

Melons and vegetables, such as squash, benefit from such efforts and ultimately help increase a healthy inventory for a community food share project that educates and feeds low income families and the homeless. Volunteers harvested approximately 500 pounds of fresh vegetables last year, which helped feed the hungry within the community.

Jake Harper, general foreman, always encourages his crewmembers to dump their chippings at the Discovery Center. “The garden is doing nice things in the area,” he says. “As long as mulching and the nutrients it provides help the garden succeed, then we’d be happy to continue donating. We’ll continue to donate as wood chips become available.”

This year, Harper’s crew has donated approximately 20 loads of wood chips to the site. That’s a lot of happy, healthy vegetables!

Fall presents the perfect time to replenish your trees with nutrients. Contact your local Davey professionally trained arborist and ask about our fall fertilization services.

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