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Guess which larger-than-life LEGO® statue Davey sponsored at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens' "Nature Connects" exhibit!

LEGOs Create a Connection With Nature

August 5, 2014

Which fun childhood memories come to mind when you think of LEGO®?

LEGOs gave you the ability to build whatever you could imagine; a sea of multicolored bricks littered the floor as you brainstormed your next creation. LEGOs gave everyone the opportunity to become architects or inventors and build anything, from automobiles to entire miniature cities.

But when you were playing with LEGOs as a kid, did you ever think about using those shiny, colorful bricks to build objects inspired by nature? How about flowers, plants, or even trees?

That’s just what this summer’s exhibit at the Cleveland Botanical Gardens showcases--a collection of 14 different larger-than-life LEGO sculptures depicting objects in nature. 

The exhibit, titled, “Nature Connects: A LEGO Brick Experience,” was created by artist Sean Kenney, a life-long LEGO lover. He used thousands of LEGOs to create this unique, natural exhibit to expose visitors to the delicate building blocks and the interconnecting relationships that exist in the natural world.

Children inspect the Davey-sponsored, acorn-shaped LEGO statue at Cleveland Botanical Gardens’ “Nature Connects” exhibit through August.

For example, “Nature Connects” shows guests how different objects in nature connect with each other. From the stunning bumble bee replica to the giant rose sculpture, each object in the exhibit shows how nature works together to form a beautiful, thriving world around us. That’s just how we think at Davey, too; yet, the exhibit distinguishes itself by accomplishing our goals in a new way.

In fact, we thought this new exhibit was so great that we sponsored one of the LEGO statues—an acorn! Trees give so much to us--they attract many sorts of life forms like birds and insects--and we should remember they help us connect with the natural world outside our windows.

Head over to the Gardens before the end of August to check out “Nature Connects," which even encourages community members to submit their own LEGOs-inspired work of art.

Which other ways have you seen your community display the beauty of nature? Comment below with your story--we would love to hear about nature-loving exhibits everywhere! 

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