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The Top 3 Reasons to Love Your Trees

February 13, 2014

There are 35 days left until the first day of spring. But who's counting?

Thick snowflakes cover roadways as freezing rain pelts tall, wide snowdrifts scattered across parking lots and driveways. Meanwhile, subzero temperatures have introduced even the nation's southernmost dwellers to the feeling of comfort beneath a warm and fuzzy winter coat.

Lately, several regions of the U.S. and Canada have encountered the worst winter weather they've seen in years. From ice storms to polar freezes and heavy snow accumulation, we've seen nearly all winter has to offer within the course of two months.

Whether there's more to arrive before the spring season breaks, the light at the end of the tunnel may still appear pretty dim.

What better time to do something that warms the heart?

Highlight your love and affection for your trees, and the reasons they make you happy during all four seasons! Need some inspiration to start planning for the growing season ahead? We've got the top 3 tree benefits listed right here:

  1. Trees improve the environment. From their abilities to deflect harsh winds and absorb rainfall, improve air quality and reduce noise pollution, trees boast several superpowers that benefit the environment and those who call it home.
  2. Trees save you money. If trees surround your home, you're in good company. They not only reduce heating and air cooling costs when strategically placed around your home, but they also increase property values at maturity.
  3. Trees make you feel good. Sit in the shade, take a walk in the park or explore the canopy of your urban forest, and you'll stress less. Now that's TREEmendous!

Discover the benefits of your trees, by the numbers 

With FREE software tools such as the recently released i-Tree 2014, it's easier than ever to discover the economic and ecological values of your trees. Regardless of their size, shape or species, you'll soon realize there are many reasons to love trees.

We hope you find your "tree love" this Valentine's Day!

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